HYDE LIVE 2023 Presented by Rakuten NFT – Makuhari Messe – September 9th, 2023

HYDE makuhari event hall
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The Makuhari Messe Event Hall underwent a metamorphosis into a dazzling Neo Tokyo, setting the stage for the highly anticipated live performance by HYDE. The air buzzed with excitement as fans eagerly awaited the spectacle, marked by a captivating countdown video and glimpses of HYDE’s past performances that ignited an electric ambiance.

Entering the stage shrouded in mystery, HYDE sported a hooded coat and mask, casting an enigmatic aura. At precisely 17:06, he playfully queried the audience, “Are you ready, Makuhari?” The Hall erupted in red lights and swirling spotlights as DEFEAT kicked off the night.

The mood shifted with “AFTER LIGHT,” revealing HYDE in a sleek black suit, exuding a captivating stage presence. The intensity soared during “PANDORA,” accompanied by sirens and an atmosphere of alertness.

Unveiling one of his latest singles, “TAKING THEM DOWN,” HYDE engaged the crowd with a megaphone, creating a dynamic connection. Dystopian visuals and a smoky ambiance set the stage for “SICK,” prompting the audience to surrender to headbanging. “WHO’S GONNA SAVE US” followed, with torches illuminating the stage as HYDE serenaded from the floor. Transitioning to a moment of serenity, a touching piano solo introduced “THE ABYSS,” enchanting fans with its beautiful lyrics.

Breaking the calm, HYDE’s tattoo showcase during “ON MY OWN” elicited cheers as he traversed the stage. Expressing gratitude during an MC break, he reflected on the tour’s significance. “MAD QUALIA” filled the venue with searchlights, crowd interaction, and smoke pistols, heightening the excitement. “DEVIL SIDE” infused disco vibes and fireball displays.

“INTERPLAY” had fans clapping and interacting with HYDE. “GLAMOROUS SKY” featured guitar play and intimate moments with the audience. The recently released “6or9” continued the lively atmosphere, punctuated by playful interactions with the bassist. “MIDNIGHT CELEBRATION II” injected purple madness and water splashes, concluding with HYDE drenched amid glowing neon paint on the drum set.

The encore commenced with red smoke and dynamite, setting the stage for “LET IT OUT” with HYDE’s unique procession through the crowd.

For “AHEAD,” HYDE stood on the drum set, surrounded by smoke and high energy. “BLOODSUCKERS” brought inflatable red air dancers and a shirtless HYDE soaking himself in water.

The debut of “I GOTTA 666” exuded mischievous energy, featuring HYDE lying on the floor and laughter resonating through the stage. A heartfelt MC moment preceded the final songs.

Surprising fans, “HIDEAWAY,” not played live in years, showcased HYDE’s guitar prowess, along with other gems from the album “666.” The concert reached its zenith with “SEX BLOOD ROCK N’ROLL” from HYDE’s former band VAMPS, leaving the audience exhilarated and draining the last reserves of energy.

This unforgettable night in Neo Tokyo epitomized HYDE’s extraordinary talent, magnetic charisma, and profound connection with fans—a sensational way to conclude the 2023 tour.

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