Kisu Unveils the Heart Behind ‘Boy’: A Soulful Interview with the K-Pop Star!

kisu interview

Kisu, a K-Pop soloist and former member of the 24k boy group, has a very special connection with Brazil and with Brazilian fans. Author of covers such as “A Lenda”, by the duo Sandy & Junior, and the funk “Desce pro Play“, by Anitta, Tyga and MC Zaac, Kisu is also a confirmed figure on Brazilian channels about South Korea, such as “Oh My friend! TV”. All this makes him very popular among Brazilian K-Poppers!

Owner of a sweet voice, admirable charisma and enormous talent as an artist, Kisu, who has just completed his mandatory military service, is back investing in his solo career! His first gift to fans was the song “Boy”, in which the artist opens his heart about his vision of adult life, and after so longing for Brazilian fans, he held a Meet & Greet in February!

We, from SUCO (thanks to Highway Star <3), prepared a very intimate interview, to bring the idol even closer to Brazilian fans (and why not also overseas fans in general? <3), with questions about the single “Boy”, career, and of course, about his love for Brazil and for Brazilian fans. And as a bonus, we also prepared a Game at the end of the interview, in which Kisu answers quick questions, revealing curiosities, dreams, expectations, memories and personal tastes! And not only that: The idol also left a special message for the fans!

kisu interview
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After returning from compulsory military service, you have already returned giving the fans the song “Boy”. In it, it is possible to feel nostalgia and even melancholy, in addition to being a clear invitation to reflect on childhood and adult life; About what we were, we are and the passage of time. Describe your music and what it represents to you. How was the inspiration process to produce this music and concept? Was it according to your own experiences?

I got inspiration while I was in the army. I joined the army late because of my idol life and 8 to 9 years old difference was with my young friends. There was a big age difference and I felt like I was a kid.

Before I knew it, I was happy with the delicious food and missed home-cooked meals just like the children.

I felt the same way that I wanted to see my mother and play with my friends.

When I saw adults in their late 20s and early 30s when I was 19 years old, I thought they were really hard adults living without fear or worry in the world, but when I became that age, I felt that they were no different from me. I have this kind of feeling for my mother on vacation and eating with her. When I asked her, “How about you?” She said, “I think I’m still 20 years old, but I’m going to be someone’s boss, someone’s mother, someone’s wife, people call me mom, boss, honey, but I think I’m still 20 years old. I don’t know how time flies!” he replied. That’s when I felt it. The fact that people are not different is that society and culture made adults, and that people are the same after all. The number of years will increase, wrinkles and nail toenail hair will continue to grow, but the mind will remain the same.

How about you guys? Have you grown up? Are we adults? Or is it a boy or girl who has a child’s heart, pretending to be an adult?

Tell us a little about your expectations when launching “Boy”.

Actually, I was a little disappointed. I thought many people would listen to the music video, but I felt that my absence in the army was very long and they didn’t wait for me. But I still have fans who listen to me, and they’ll cheer me up and make me a better artist. Please look forward to it.

Have you ever been here in Brazil? What is your favorite memory here?

I went to Brazil for a fan meeting and performances. The day before the performance, two fans came to me in front of the hotel and gave me a hat with a Brazilian flag on it. I can’t forget that memory. I still keep my hat well, and when Corona disappears, I will wear it and go to Brazil! I want to show that my mind hasn’t changed.

How did you feel, and do you feel, seeing that you are so loved by fans in Brazil?

I’m so happy. I’m still a person who lacks and lacks, and I’m so happy that you support and love me even though I speak a completely different countries.I really want to give strength to many people with music. Definitely.

What’s more, Meet & Greet is coming! What are your expectations for these two days with Brazilian fans? Do you miss them?

The fan meeting is over. I was so happy to communicate with our fans. I want to meet my fans again! When can we meet again?

Do you have plans to return to Brazil when the pandemic situation improves?

For sure for sure for sure for sure!!!!!!!!!!!! If I have a chance, I want to shoot a music video in Brazil. Open a music video with a Brazilian background!

Tell us a little about your plans involving tours, fan meetings, etc. Also tell if there is any place in Brazil, in particular, that you would like to visit.

Once the coronavirus is gone, I’m thinking of going on a national tour of Brazil.
First of all, I am going to tour the four cities that I’ve been to before, and then I am going to have a tour where other artists don’t go frequently. I want to visit faraway cities, too. I really want to go even if there is only one fan in the city.

Brazilian fans were very excited about the cover “A Lenda”, and especially when it comes to the cover “Desce pro play”. Do you have plans to release another cover of Brazilian music?

I’m going to do it no matter what! The pronunciation is so difficult that it takes a long time, but it will make the Brazilian fans excited! Please look forward to it!

We saw a very calm and reflective style in the song “Boy”. Are there any other styles you want to try in the future?

I want to work on a song that has the rhythm and feeling that Brazilian fans would like.
(I’m actually working on a song for Brazilian fans. ^^ Secret)
I’m thinking of trying a lot of music.

Are there any partnerships that you would like to make, whether with Korean or international artists?

First of all, I’ve covered Brazilian songs from time to time, and I really want to collaborate with Anitta.She won’t do it with me because she is so famous, but I really want to collaborate with her when I become famous too.

As we know, you pursue a solo career after being part of a group. So, what are the main challenges as a solo artist that you face? Make a brief comparison, pointing out positive and negative sides, between group singing and solo. Also, what are your plans for the future regarding your career?

Solo singers are very hard. You have to deal with all the preparations, the results, the pain, all by yourself. I really miss the members and I miss the performance. However, I think I will become a better person and a singer who can play good music only when I overcome this pain. Please watch me overcome the pain and grow.

kisu interview
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Finally, we want to know a little more about Choi Ki Su, who, besides being an artist, is a human being with his own characteristics, dreams and individual and personal tastes. Then we prepare a little game of quick questions!

The objective is that the answers are as objective as the questions, and thus, we will set up an updated profile to give as a gift to fans. Prepared? Let’s go!

Besides singing and dancing, what are your skills?

I work as a video director. Another singer’s music video will be released soon. Please look forward to it/ And not too long ago, my student was selected as SM Entertainment trainee.

What are your hobbies?

I don’t have any hobbies. I don’t have time for hobbies. Hobby to spy on your fans’ Instagram hahaha

What is your biggest dream?

I’m gonna make it to the Billboard Top 100. By 2024, I’m sure you’ll be there.

Name one thing that makes you happy, and another that makes you sad.

What makes me happy are the fans / what makes me unhappy is the money

What’s your favorite food?

Ramen! I’m going to try all the ramen from all over the world. Brazilian ramen! Wait!!!!!

If you could be a character (film, series, anime, book, etc.), which would you be?

I’m Dr. Strange. I will keep turning back the clock to meet my fans, to meet my fans, to meet them, to meet them, to meet them.

If you could go back in time, would you change anything?

It would have made a team called 24K stronger and longer. So that it doesn’t go the way it was.

If you were not a singer, what career would you have followed?

Wouldn’t I have been an elementary school teacher? My dream was to be a teacher when I was young.

You woke up in a post apocalyptic world, there are zombies everywhere out there. What would you do?

Since it’s the end of the world, you don’t have to take care of your diet, so make two ramen noodles and eat it with rice.
I would like chicken and pizza. Oh, would it still be delivered in an apocalyptic world?

What are your favorite musical styles?

I don’t know that either. I love all the music! What fits me?

Which artists do you listen to the most?

Justin Bieber, Lauv, Ruel, Honne, etc.

If you could only eat one food forever, what would it be?

Of course it’s ramen, right? Ramen!!!

Say a Brazilian food you love.

The lasagna I had with my friends from OH MY FRIEND last time!!!!!!! It was so delicious. I want to eat it again.

Say a Brazilian food that you want to try.

Churrasco? It looked so delicious. Eat with me…I want to eat…

Name 3 feelings that you felt when composing “Boy”.

Children, time, life.

Kisu as a child was… (mention one of your main characteristics as a child)

I was a calm and quiet person when I was young. I was class president at school.
Then I met my friends in middle school and went to karaoke for the first time, and then my dream started.

Today’s Kisu is … (mention one of your main characteristics from now)

Today’s dress code is wearing a suit. I came back from the wedding celebration!

Kisu 10 years from now will be… (quote what you want to be / do or achieve in 10 years)

In 10 years, I will be singing happily in the Brazilian cities, enjoying the performance with more than 50,000 people at the outdoor concert hall! Let’s get together in 10 years!

Finally, leave a message for Brazilian fans. Open your heart!

Brazilian fans, I miss you so much. It’s a shame that there’s other word more meaningful than “I miss you.” I miss you so much and miss you. Corona disappears as soon as possible, so I really hope we can meet. I will do my best without stopping. I won’t give up. Please cheer for me. And please love me. Let’s meet again. I love you. I miss you.

kisu interview
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kisu interview
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